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Kos Centre & Around

The sponge divers - Dive Center Kos Island

The Sponge Divers

The sponge Divers offers you the opportunity to discover the underwater world of Kos and Kalymnos islands.There a diving instructor it will follow you to every step you are doing by staying [...]

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Gaia Garden Hotel in Lambi - Kos Greece

Gaia Garden Hotel

This charming hotel is located in Kos City in a quiet resort called Lambi. It consists of the main house surrounded by several bungalows, all nestling in the beautiful gardens.

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Flyboard -Waterpsorts in Kos Island


Searching for an extreme sport on Kos Island ? Then, water flyboard is the right answer. Flyboard is a prototype racing Jet Ski, invented by French jet ski racer Franky Zapata .

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Kyttaro Club in bar street - outdoor view

Kyttaro Club

When it comes to Kos nightlife, Kyttaro Club is the pioneer in the business. Located in the trendy Barstreet of Kos Town, Kyttaro is a small high technology nightclub.

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Alibaba beach bar in kos akti zouroudi

Alibaba Beach Bar

The alibaba beach bar located on the famous coast Zouroudi combining easy access, while is just a few minutes from the Kos city center and a beach supremacy.

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Broadway restaurant kos town - Kos Island

Broadway Restaurant

Well known and beloved for the aristocratic simplicity its staff offers. Situated in the heart of Kos town, Broadway restaurant welcomes you to its unique and tasteful environment.

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Lofaki Cafe Restaurant - Kos

Lofaki Cafe Restaurant

It is located up in the hills, only five minutes far from Kos Town with view to the beautiful Greek Islands of the Aegean Sea and the stunning sunset!

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Kos town - Kos city

Kos town

Attractive, cosmopolitan, contemporary, easily accessible. Located in the north-east, Kos town is a vibrant reflection of the island’s rich history at every turn: in the streets, the buildings, the markets, and squares.

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Mosque of Gazi Hasan (Loggia) in kos town

Mosque of Gazi Hasan Pasa (Loggia)

As its name suggests, the mosque was built by Gazi Hasan Pasa, the Ottoman admiral of the Kos island in 1786.

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Asclepeion of Kos

Asclepeion of Kos

The most famed archaeological site on the island of Kos from antiquity to today, the Asclepeion sits on the slopes of a low tree-covered hill that gazes out to the sea and the Turkish coast.

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Sadao women’s clothing


Only recently renovated and beautifully situated in Konitsis square in Kos, Sadao offers a cosmopolitan mixture of timeless and elegant women’s fashion.

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Bar street - Kos town

Bar Street in Kos town

Quiet in the morning, alive in the evening, “Bar Street” have a myriad of choices for your nightly entertainment, which often stretches on into the early morning hours.

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Therma , therapeutic springs

Thermal Springs

The most well-known are the hot waters of the therapeutic springs (Therma ) just past Agios Fokas, where the water temperature is at approximately 40ο C and contains a variety of beneficial elements

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Lambi, Kos Island


Just a few minutes from the city of Kos, Lambi beach and its numerous hotels is an excellent spot for dips in the sea or a wide variety of water sports.

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Kos Archaeological Museum

Archaeological Museum of Kos

The Archaeological Museum of Kos retains and exhibits the finds brought to light during various excavations around the island dating from the beginning of the last century.

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Akti zouroudi beach

Akti Zouroudi

Yet another sandy shore along the turquoise blue Aegean, akti Zouroudi is one of the most popular beach on the island, full of beach bars, restaurants and cafes with music and a lively atmosphere.

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Dion Jewellery, Kos

Dion Jewellery

Since 1986, Dion has been in the business of fine jewelry in Kos. Dion jewellery store is located in the Old town of Kos at Ifestou street number 10.

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Old town Of Kos Island

Old Town of Kos

One stroll through the Old Town of Kos is certainly never enough: in fact, while on the island, it is almost certain to become your favored place for shopping and dining.

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Psalidi resort area near Kos


On the road to Agios Fokas and close to the city center, Psalidi is yet another of the island’s organized beaches with endless choices for entertainment, accommodation and dining.

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Think Pink Kos

Think Pink

Think pink is a clothing retail business in Kos Island offering an extensive selection of women's clothes aims primarily at the youthful age.

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Historical sites - Casa Romana

Casa Romana

The Roman House (Casa Romana), which most likely belonged to a prosperous islander, dates back to the Roman Imperial years, and is characterized not only by its large size (36 rooms) but also by its opulent decoration.

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Platia Eleftherias - Square in Kos town

Platia Eleftherias (Freedom Square)

Laid out in 1933, Platia Eleftherias (Freedom square) the main square of the city of Kos is quite literally enclosed by history,

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Roman odeon Of Kos

Roman Odeon of Kos

One of the most important historical sites on Kos, the Roman Odeon of Kos was probably built on the remains of an earlier building used for gatherings with a capacity of 750 seats.

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Jewish Synagogue in kos

Jewish Synagogue

There was a Jewish community on Kos from at least the 2nd century BC, with an uninterrupted presence until the arrival of the Knights Templar who expelled them in the 14th century AD.

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Mouzakis shoes - store in kos town

Mouzakis Shoes

One of the most famous women’s shoe stores of the island, on Konitsis square, Mouzakis shoes gives style and flair to your walking

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Municipal Market of Kos - Market hall

Municipal Market of Kos

Municipal Market of Kos (Μercato delle Erbe), the impressive Italian building is situated in Eleftherias Square (Kos town), the central square of the island, among other historic buildings.

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Platani in Kos


The settlement of Platani ( called Kermentes until 1964), just 2 kilometers west of the city of Kos , is a unique example of the co-existence of two vastly different religious groups.

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Agios Fokas resort near kos town

Agios Fokas

The highly active tourist sector on Kos has resulted in the development of new resort areas and settlements around the island. Agios Fokas is one such example

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Psalidi wetlands, Kos

Psalidi Wetlands

In stark contrast to the extensive tourist infrastructure of the surrounding area, the brackish coastal lake of Psalidi is home to countless varieties and numbers of birds who live among its lush vegetation.

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Kem store in Kos town


The brand Kem is synonymous to quality and trend. The store on the island of Kos is one of the most known spots, where a woman can detect the accessory she longs for.

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International Hippocratic Foundation

International Hippocratic Foundation

The aim of the International Hippocratic Foundation of Kos (IHFK) is to relay Hippocratic values all over the world. Hippocratic Botanical Garden, archeological finds, medical tools, conference room, and library.

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Neratzia castle in Kos Town

Neratzia castle

Neratzia Castle, is one of the most characteristic examples of Knights Templar architecture in the Dodecanese Islands, while its remains show traces of inhabitation dating as far back as the Mycenaean period.

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Blanc du Nil, Kos

Blanc du Nil

If you are looking for cool, stylish, summer clothing, to ease the heat and enhance your suntan you should visit Blanc du nil "the white shop".

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Plane tree of Hippocrates in Kos

Plane Tree of Hippocrates

Close to the ancient agora stands an deep-rooted plane tree, known as the "Plane Tree of Hippocrates", which tradition asserts is the actual tree under whose shade Hippocrates taught the science of ...

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Altar Dionysus - Kos Historical sites

Altar of Dionysus

The Hellenistic altar of Dionysus, constructed in the island’s glory days of the 2nd century BC, is located near the ancient agora. One of the most important historical and artistic elements of the altar was the frieze.

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Ancient Agora Kos - harbor

Ancient Agora – Harbor

Outside the city’s fortification walls stands the ancient agora and harbor, safeguarded by its own protective wall that began from the city walls themselves and continued south enclosing the temples [...]

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Western Archeological Zone

Opposite the ancient theater extends an exceptionally important archaeological area (zone), part of the city that was abandoned in the Middle Ages, during the time of the Knights of St. John.

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Folkrore Museum Kos

Historical & Folklore Museum of Kos

In Kos center, Grigoriou V' street, among important archaeological sites, such as Roman Odeum and Casa Romana, one can visit “Hani”, aka Historical and Folklore Museum.

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