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Villages of Kos

Kardamena, Kos


Just 6 kilometers from Antimachia is Kardamena, a former fishing village that fast developed into a tourist resort of note. Accommodation and dining are plentiful in Kardamena during the tourist season.

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Antimachia village, Kos- Greece


With a name that has remained unchanged for 3 millennia, Antimachia is one of the most well-known traditional settlements of Kos and the Dodecanese Islands in general, already inhabited in the late Neolithic age.

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Kefalos bay in kos


Kefalos is divided into two main sectors: the traditional narrow-alleyed settlement atop the hill and mill, and the seaside area known as “Kamari”, with its restaurant and accommodation options.

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Tigaki by night


Not far from the city of Kos, Tigaki is an ideal holiday destination for both locals and foreigners alike, with an impressive range of choices in accommodation, dining and entertainment.

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Marmari, Kos


Marmari, located on the island’s north shore, is small and peaceful, and an ideal choice for travelers longing for a serene, lazy summer pace that doesn’t lack in anything as far as accommodation, dining, and shopping go.

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Mastichari. Kos - Greece


Mastichari is the seaside settlement of Antimachia, and here in this village, fresh fish is king, with dozens of seaside fish “tavernas” serving up the daily catch, nothing but fresh and delicious.

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Pyli village in Kos island


Located in the center of the island approximately 15 kilometers from the capital, Pyli is another of the many picturesque villages that absolutely deserve a visit. 3 kilometers south-east of Pyli is Paleo Pyli.

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Asfendiou village sunset


A large, dignified village, 14 kilometers south-west of the city of Kos, Asfendiou experienced periods of economic prosperity in the past and developed affluent districts that exist to this day.

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view from Zia village in Kos island


The charming Zia's southernmost slope, a superb location makes it the perfect spot for viewing spectacular sunsets and gazing at the nearby islands of Kalymnos and Pserimos as well as the Turkish coast.

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