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Large sandy beach at  Marmari, Kos
Large sandy beach at Marmari, Kos
Marmari resort
Marmari resort
Marmari beach
Marmari beach

Marmari resort – Kos

Kos prides itself on and is famed for the vast array of choices it offers its visitors at every stage of their holiday. Marmari, located on the island’s north shore, is small and peaceful, and an ideal choice for travelers longing for a serene, lazy summer pace that doesn’t lack in anything as far as accommodation, dining, and shopping go.

It’s charming small craft harbour, the attractive, tranquil, organised beach offering water sports for those so inclined, the “tavernas” and small and larger tourist souvenir shops all create the perfect backdrop with no shortage of conveniences or amenities.

Distance from Kos
14 km
18 min
Distance from airport
12 km
13 min
Regular Citizens

Map of Marmari, Kos island

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