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A comprehensive guide to the island of Kos, a complete website from which to delve into the island’s history, monuments and sights, its beaches, local cuisine, and famed products, its cafés and restaurants, and everything else worth seeing and doing, visiting, and enjoying.  was created by people who live on Kos and who work in its tourism sector, with professionalism and a sense of responsibility, with respect towards the visitor who has chosen Kos as their destination as well as respect for the past and present of their island.

With a gaze firmly set on satisfying the needs of those who wish to visit Kos and spend their holidays here, the site is browser-friendly, facilitating visitors in planning their trip and their itineraries, booking accommodation and figuring out transportation to and from the island as well as while on the island itself.


We would like to extend our infinite gratitude to Giorgos Papapostolou for the rich photographic material he produced for the site that captures the locations and spirit of the island with such clarity and precision.

We would also like to thank copywriter Vanna Marketaki for the content of the website.