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International Hippocratic Foundation of Kos

The International Hippocratic Foundation of Kos (IHFK) is a nonprofit Foundation with an international character, founded in 1960 to honour Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine.

It is situated just before Asclepion, 3,5kms SW of Kos city centre. The total grounds stretch at 380.000 m2, 60 to 135 meters above sea level, offering a unique view of the surrounding area, Kos city and Asia Minor, beyond the sea.

The aim of the Foundation is to relay Hippocratic values all over the world. Not only doctors but also scientists of-related to Medicine- specialties, as well as anyone who is interested in relaying the Hippocratic Philosophy, can be members of IHFK.

The central building of IHFK, the “Hippocratic Melathron” is a building of excellent architecture. It houses the following, which are all accessible to the public:

1) The Hippocratic Museum-Exhibition: An impressive collection of statues, sculpture casts, marble heads, ceramics with depictions of Asclepius and Hippocrates, casts of marble votive reliefs, ancient coins and inscripted columns.
2) The Hippocratic Medical Office: It was equipped, according to the standards and descriptions of the Koan doctor of antiquity, with furniture and medical tools created by Koan craftsmen.
3) Conference Room
4) Administration Offices
5) Shop with replicas and collector’s items, canteen.

Behind the central building, one can visit the Hippocratic Botanical Garden and on the front side of the “Melathron”, on a small hill, the “Hippocratic Altis”. The road that leads to the Altis is a path with cypress trees, which were planted in 2008 by donators and visitors. On top of the hill, the sculpture of Hippocrates stands impressively. Created in 1988 by famous sculptor Nikos Ikaris with perforated eyes and body, it depicts Hippocrates holding two snakes by their necks.

For people seeking for adventure ask for the Spring of the Foundation, not far away from the Botanical Garden.

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