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Local products of Kos

Triantafyllopoulos Winery, Vineyard

A family-owned Triantafyllopoulos Winery in Kos located at the foothills of Mountain Dikeos with vineyards producing rich and intensely flavored wines.

local products of kos - fruits and vegetables

The abundance of fresh, juicy, fragrant fruits and vegetables that is found throughout the Greek countryside is comparable to very few places on the planet. Kos blessed with ideal climactic conditions, […]

Honey - Local products of Kos

The honey of the island of Kos, collected by its bees from a vast assortment of fragrant shrubs, thyme and dozens of indigenous wild flowers and herbs, is famed for its purity and clean, rich taste […]

Local product of Kos - Wine

Wine from the vineyards of Kos Documents from the Sumerian civilization and papyruses from Ancient Egypt dating from 2200 BC […]

Olive oil - Local products of Kos

With its long tradition in the production of pure virgin olive oil, Kos, like almost every other region of Greece, has its own oil, imbued with the aromas of the rich countryside and enriched with […]

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