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Kos Centre & Around

Kos town - Kos city

Kos town

Attractive, cosmopolitan, contemporary, easily accessible. Located in the north-east, Kos town is a vibrant reflection of the island’s rich history at every turn: in the streets, the buildings, the markets, the parks and squares.
Psalidi resort area near Kos


On the road to Agios Fokas and close to the city center, Psalidi is yet another of the island’s organized beaches with endless choices for entertainment, accommodation and dining. [...]
Platani in Kos


The settlement of Platani ( called Kermentes until 1964), just 2 kilometers west of the city of Kos , is a unique example of the co-existence of two vastly different religious groups.
Lambi or Lampi Kos Island


Just a few minutes from the city of Kos, Lambi beach and its numerous hotels is an excellent spot for dips in the sea or a wide variety of water sports.
Agios Fokas resort near kos town

Agios Fokas

The highly active tourist sector on Kos has resulted in the development of new resort areas and settlements around the island. Agios Fokas is one such example
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