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About Kos castle of the knights – Neratzia castle

Neratzia Castle, built between 1436 and 1514 AD, is one of the most characteristic examples of Knights Templar architecture in the Dodecanese Islands, while its remains show traces of inhabitation dating as far back as the Mycenaean period. The castle was constructed using a variety of “re-appropriated” building materials taken from older structures.

Entrance to the outer walls of the castle is gained from the south side through a gate containing remnants of a classical period frieze as well as the coat of arms of St. John, while to enter the inner walls –rectangular in shape and with four round towers in each corner–visitors passed over a moat on an inclined bridge.

Surveillance of port activity was made from the north-western corner with its polygonal tower (the d’ Aubusson tower). The entire inner wall is decorated with ancient inscriptions and relief sculpture, while the castle interior, in general, is impressive in its array of preserved remains, such as guardhouses, staircases and storerooms among others.

The moat on the city side of the Neratzia castle was transformed into a wide avenue (Finikon Avenue) in 1878.

Map Information of Neratzia castle in Kos Island

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