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Water Flyboard

Searching for an extreme sport on Kos Island ? Then, water flyboard is the right answer.

Flyboard is a prototype racing Jet Ski, invented by French jet ski racer Franky Zapata. For two years, it is also being organized in Kos Island and takes place in Psalidi Beach. It is easily accessible to the public who are willing to try for an adventure, for the whole period of summer.

A large hose channels high-pressure water to the flyboard from a nearby jet ski. While the two large jets at the wearer’s feet provide the propulsion which is routed through the primary hose, the two smaller handheld jets used to ensure stabilization.

All you have to do is, to wear the appropriate equipment, get ready to rise up your adrenaline and experience the feeling of flying!

Videos related to Kos Flyboard

Map Information of Flyboad – Psalidi – Kos Island

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