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Going Out

Alibaba beach bar in kos akti zouroudi

Alibaba Beach Bar

The alibaba beach bar located on the famous coast Zouroudi combining easy access, while is just a few minutes from the Kos city center and a beach supremacy.

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Sunset Balcony Taverna in Zia

Sunset Balcony Taverna

Sunset Balcony taverna located in picturesque village of Zia the has a long list of homemade dishes (salads, appetizers, main dishes, desserts).

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Broadway restaurant kos town - Kos Island

Broadway Restaurant

Well known and beloved for the aristocratic simplicity its staff offers. Situated in the heart of Kos town, Broadway restaurant welcomes you to its unique and tasteful environment.

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Lofaki Cafe Restaurant - Kos

Lofaki Cafe Restaurant

It is located up in the hills, only five minutes far from Kos Town with view to the beautiful Greek Islands of the Aegean Sea and the stunning sunset!

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Bravo beach bar - Mastichari - Kos

Bravo Beach Bar

In the area of Mastichari , Bravo beach bar is a natural and favorite getaway place for both tourists and locals. A beautiful and organized beach that always keep clean and tidy offers to the guests.

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Kyttaro Club in bar street - outdoor view

Kyttaro Club

When it comes to Kos nightlife, Kyttaro Club is the pioneer in the business. Located in the trendy Barstreet of Kos Town, Kyttaro is a small high technology nightclub.

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Wine festival in Mastichari

Wine festival in Mastichari

The Wine Festival in Mastichari during the first week of August. Locals are proud of the high-quality wine they produce and celebrate by treating all visitors to free wine and local tidbits.

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Fish festival in Kefalos

Fish festival in Kefalos

The Fish Festival in Kefalos during the first half of August. This festival is part of the greater Hippocratia festivities and the Trawl Festival one month later, during the first half of September every year in the same village.

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Hippocratia events - Kos Island


The island’s largest and most famous festival, the “ Hippocratia ”, in honour of the great Hippocrates, who was from the island and one of world history’s most noted figures.

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Nisyros Volcano

Excursion to the Volcano of Nisyros

Boat trip - excursion from Kos Island to the small volcanic island of Nisyros. Walk over the active crater "Stefanos" and live a ...

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View of Bodrum harbor - Turkey

Excursion – Day trip to Bodrum from Kos

Make the most of holidays in Kos by taking a tour in Bodrum, Turkey to enjoy the history and major attractions of this tourist resort.

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3-Island cruise, boat trip from Kos

3 Island Cruise – Boat trip from Kos

Enjoy a cruise around Kos and visit three beautiful Aegean islands Kalymnos, Plati, and Pserimos with Odyssey or other wooden boats.   

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Full Day Jeep Adventure Tour in Kos

Full Day Jeep Adventure Tour in Kos

Full Day Jeep Adventure Tour in Kos with lunch. An independent Island Tour with Jeep in an adventurous way! Tour from Kos town to Paleo Pyli, Mount of Dikeos, Zia Village,

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Sunset Jeep Safari Tour

Sunset Jeep Safari Tour in Kos

Unique Sunset Jeep Safari tour In Kos. Off-road adventure for a magical sunset with the best panoramic view on the island of Kos.

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Tigaki beach in kos ideal for families

Tigaki beach

Warm, shallow waters. Fine sand. Water sports and beach games. The beach at Tigaki, a resort favored by locals for decades, has frequently been awarded for its clean waters.

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Sadao women’s clothing


Only recently renovated and beautifully situated in Konitsis square in Kos, Sadao offers a cosmopolitan mixture of timeless and elegant women’s fashion.

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Akti zouroudi beach

Akti Zouroudi

Yet another sandy shore along the turquoise blue Aegean, akti Zouroudi is one of the most popular beach on the island, full of beach bars, restaurants and cafes with music and a lively atmosphere.

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Dion Jewellery, Kos

Dion Jewellery

Since 1986, Dion has been in the business of fine jewelry in Kos. Dion jewellery store is located in the Old town of Kos at Ifestou street number 10.

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Esperos Restaurant,Tigaki -Kos

Esperos restaurant

Esperos restaurant is located along the sandy beach at Tigaki resort and offers adequate prices for a variety of dining options.

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Mastichari Beach in Kos Island - Greece

Mastichari Beach

Surrendering itself to the clean breezes coming off the Aegean Sea, the organized beach at Mastichari, with its beach umbrellas and water sports choices, is the ideal spot for kite surfing.

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Think Pink Kos

Think Pink

Think pink is a clothing retail business in Kos Island offering an extensive selection of women's clothes aims primarily at the youthful age.

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Camel Beach at kefalos in Kos

Camel Beach

This exciting beach is slightly secluded from the rest cosmopolitan area due to its rocky environment. It was named camel for if someone observes the beach from afar it resembles to the animal camel.

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Mouzakis shoes - store in kos town

Mouzakis Shoes

One of the most famous women’s shoe stores of the island, on Konitsis square, Mouzakis shoes gives style and flair to your walking

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Agios stefanos beach in Kefalos - Kos Island

Agios Stefanos Beach

Nature and history come together on Agios Stefanos beach, the island’s most photographed beach. The ruins of paleo-Christian churches just steps from the sea, its clean water, golden sand.

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Kem store in Kos town


The brand Kem is synonymous to quality and trend. The store on the island of Kos is one of the most known spots, where a woman can detect the accessory she longs for.

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Paradise beach at Kefalos in Kos

Paradise Beach

Located on the island’s south-west coast, this heavenly beach has rightly earned its name. Fine white sand, clean shallow water and a perfect orientation towards the magnificent Greek sunsets.

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Blanc du Nil, Kos

Blanc du Nil

If you are looking for cool, stylish, summer clothing, to ease the heat and enhance your suntan you should visit Blanc du nil "the white shop".

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Cavo paradiso beach in kos

Cavo Paradiso beach

A peaceful, tranquil, isolated bay (“cavo”), Cavo Paradiso beach is a well-kept secret on the island’s south coast. Its turquoise waters, fine golden sand and beauty almost untouched by human hands.

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Kardamena beach - Kos island

Kardamena Beach

Its sparkling white sand and the fact that there are both organized and non- sections of this long beach make Kardamena a popular tourist destination year after year.

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Kamari beach in Kefalos

Kamari Beach

Kamari beach, otherwise known as Kefalos after the neighboring village, with its refreshing crystal-clear water, spotless sandy, flawlessly-organized beach is a magnet for hundreds of visitors.

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Marmari beach

Marmari Beach

Equipped with umbrellas and sun chairs and boasting a wide variety of water sports, the north-shore Marmari beach is also lined with restaurants and accommodation options.

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Limnionas beach - Kos Island

Limnionas Βeach

The Limnionas beach is located in a tranquil cove on the north side of area kefalos and around 43km from the city of Kos.

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Kohilari beach Kos - Kite surfing paradise

Kohilari Beach

A kite surfing heaven on the island’s sandy, wave-washed north shore, Kohilari beach is the spot for water sports enthusiasts, with a school teaching kite boarding.

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Helona beach - Sandy beach at Kardamena

Helona Beach

Awarded the coveted Blue Flag in 2013 for its high quality standards, Helona beach is simply magical. Crystal-clear, sparkling blue waters endlessly caress the golden sand along this well-organized beach.

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Karnayio beach

Karnayio Beach

On the opposite end of the spectrum from Lambi, Zouroudi and the beach at Psalidi, Karnayio beach is a family-friendly destination that boasts shallow water that gradually deepens.

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Honey festival in Antimachia

Honey festival in Antimachia

The Honey Festival in Antimachia on the first Saturday following the Feast of the Assumption (August 15th), where honey-based sweets are shared

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