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Historical Sites in Kos town

Folkrore Museum Kos

In Kos center, Grigoriou V’ street, among important archaeological sites, such as Roman Odeum and Casa Romana, one can visit “Hani”, aka Historical and Folklore Museum.

Asclepeion of Kos

The most famed archaeological site on the island of Kos from antiquity to today, the Asclepeion sits on the slopes of a low tree-covered hill that gazes out to the sea and the Turkish coast beyond […]

Ancient Agora Kos - harbor

Outside the city’s fortification walls stands the ancient agora and harbor, safeguarded by its own protective wall that began from the city walls themselves and continued south enclosing the temples […]

Historical sites - Casa Romana

Marble and mosaics are characteristic elements found in the famed Roman House (Casa Romana), a typical example of refined Hellenistic period masonry, with restorations, reconstructions […]

Roman odeon Of Kos

One of the most important historical sites on Kos, the Roman Odeon of kos was probably built on the remains of an earlier building used for gatherings. The restored Odeon, […]

Opposite the ancient theater extends an exceptionally important archaeological area (zone), part of the city that was abandoned in the Middle Ages, during the time of the Knights of St. John. When […]

Altar Dionysus - Kos Historical sites

The Hellenistic altar of Dionysus, constructed in the island’s glory days of the 2nd century BC, is located near the ancient agora. One of the most important historical and artistic elements of the altar […]

Neratzia castle in Kos Town

Neratzia Castle, built between 1436 and 1514 AD, is one of the most characteristic examples of Knights Templar architecture in the Dodecanese Islands, while its remains show traces of inhabitation […]

Plane tree of Hippocrates in Kos

Close to the ancient agora stands an deep-rooted plane tree, known as the “Plane Tree of Hippocrates”, which tradition asserts is the actual tree under whose shade Hippocrates taught the science of …

archaeological museum of kos

The Archaeological Museum of Kos retains and exhibits the finds brought to light during various excavations around the island dating from the beginning of the last century. The idea for the construction […]

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