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Traditional House of Antimachia in Kos Island

A house that is a veritable recreation of a traditional early 20th century dwelling yet built in 1980, the Traditional House of Antimachia takes visitors back to a time when people’s lives […]

Peackocks at plaka Forest in Kos island

Near Antimachia, on your way to Kefalos don’t miss the natural park called “Plaka Forest ” where it is inhabited by peacocks making it a wonderful resting spot for picnic and photo opportunity with the beautiful birds […]

Antimachia castle in Kos

A castle-fortress enclosing an entire settlement, Antimachia Castle “controlled” passage between the islands of Kos and Nisyros, one of the period’s most frequented trade route channels […]

Antimachia village in kos island

With a name that has remained unchanged for three millennia, Antimachia is one of the most well-known traditional settlements of Kos and the Dodecanese Islands in general, already inhabited in the late Neolithic age.

Honey festival in Antimachia

The Honey Festival in Antimachia on the first Saturday following the Feast of the Assumption (August 15th), where honey-based sweets […]

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