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Fruits and Vegetables

Kos fruits and vegetables

The abundance of fresh, juicy, fragrant fruits and vegetables that is found throughout the Greek countryside is comparable to very few places on the planet.

Blessed with ideal climactic conditions, sun that shines on most days of the year, mild winters and fertile soil, Greece can be proud of its agricultural output, with products that are exported far and wide and whose purchasing power is substantial.

On most of the country’s back-roads, local producers sell their products out of road-side stands, fresh from their fields or orchards, at extremely reasonable prices.

Kos is no exception, its producers contributing to this multi-colored farmer’s market with dozens of farmers and growers selling their fresh fruits and vegetables to passers-by. Agricultural products of kos such as tomatoes, cucumbers, lemons, courgettes, watermelons and other vegetables and fruits produced in the fertile plains of Kos Island.

Have a stop and give them a try: one taste and you’ll be hooked.

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