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Religious Sites

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Ag.Ioannis church in Kefalos

The monastery of Agios Ioannis stands 7 km south of the beautiful settlement of Kefalos. It is built in an idyllic setting among plane trees. Next to the monastery, its half-ruined bell-tower […]

Jewish Synagogue in kos

There was a Jewish community on Kos from at least the 2nd century BC, with an uninterrupted presence until the arrival of the Knights Templar who expelled them in the 14th century AD […]

Mosque of Gazi Hasan (Loggia) in kos town

As its name suggests, the mosque was built by Gazi Hasan Pasa, the Ottoman admiral of the Kos island in 1786. Its construction, as with that of many other churches and newer buildings, […]

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