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About Paleo Pyli fortress

The ruins of the acropolis of the abandoned Paleo Pyli (Old Pyli) settlement sit west of the Mount Dikeos range, standing proudly throughout the ages atop a rocky hill which affords expansive views of the coasts of Kalymnos and Pserimos opposite.

Its walls have pottery fragments indicating Bronze Age settlements, while in more recent times the fortress remained unassailable to invading Ottoman Turks: a true refuge for the island’s inhabitants.

The ruins of the fortress reveal various stages of construction and reconstruction: its central gate was built in the late 11th century using the “hidden plinth” method and is a unique example of this kind of architectural technique in the Dodecanese Islands.

Its history ends around 1820, most likely the result of a plague that decimated the population.

Map information of Paleo Pyli (Old Pyli) Fortress

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