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Special Terms For Transfer Services


By booking a Transfer Service through our Website you enter into a direct contractual relationship with us. The following special terms and conditions apply to all bookings made on the website concerning transfer services. Your Booking on the Website is conditional on you accepting the Terms. If you do not agree with any part of them, you must not proceed with your Booking. By confirming that you wish to book Transfer Services through our Website you indicate that you have read and understood and accept the Terms. If there is any part that you do not fully understand, or if you have a query about the Services, please contact us.


Transfer bookings may be made online on the website, or by telephone or email. Where two or more people are included in the same booking, the person making the booking (“the Lead Party” or “you”) shall be deemed to have done so on behalf of both or all members of the party and he or she accepts these terms and conditions on behalf of himself or herself and each member of the party.  The Lead Party must follow the process for making the booking and paying for the Services.  The Lead Party must be at least 18 years of age.

After booking a Transfer Service and once the payment is concluded you will receive an automated confirmation email from our webpage and in the next 24 hours after checking the information you provided you will also receive your transfer voucher. If you have booked a return transfer you will find the pickup time there.

All communications from us require you to acknowledge receipt. If you fail to acknowledge receipt of an email, and our records show you have received it, a receipt is deemed to have been sent by you.


If a travel agent or third party makes a service booking request on your behalf, they do so as your agent. At the time you submit a service booking request you will be required to pay a deposit or make full payment.

Prices are charged in Euros and any currency conversion facility is provided as an approximation tool only.

The prices presented on the Website include the Value-Added Tax (VAT) and all other applicable taxes (if any).

We accept all widely used payment methods including credit cards (American Express, MasterCard/Diners International, and Visa), debit cards (Visa/Delta, Visa/Electron), bank transfer,s and PayPal. No credit card charges are carried by


You can make changes to your booking free of charge online through the ‘My Booking’ section of the Website or by e-mail 24 hours before the service. However, there are might be extra charges if the changes include further distance or different vehicle type.

You can cancel your booking online or via e-mail up to 24 hours prior to the first scheduled transfer, free of charge.

Any cancellations (including no show) less than 24 hours before the first scheduled transfer is subject to a 100% cancellation charge. In these instances, we will email you a cancellation note which may be used to claim the expense back against your tour operator, airline, or travel insurance provider.


We will use reasonable effort to honor your vehicle preference, however, the vehicle may be substituted with a vehicle of greater capacity or multiple vehicles depending on availability.

In rare instances, we may need to cancel your Booking. In such circumstances, you will be refunded in full but we shall have no further liability to you arising out of such cancellation.


Smoking is prohibited in the passenger part of the vehicle. If the User, or passenger, ignores this, they are liable to pay not only the cost for the cleaning of the vehicle but also compensate the loss of business due to the downtime of the vehicle. The consumption of food is discouraged. Alcoholic drinks are only allowed to be consumed in the car with prior consent


The standard luggage allowance is one suitcase which should not exceed 90cm x 75cm and one hand luggage 56cm x 45cm without any weight limit.

The Passenger shall be liable for all expenses incurred should additional vehicles be required to transport non-declared excess luggage.

Transport of luggage and other belongings is undertaken solely at your risk and under no circumstances can we be held responsible for any loss or damage. Such risk of loss or damage should be the object of private insurance taken out by you prior to departure.


By entering into this Contract you implicitly declare that: You are of legal age and in full use of your mental faculties thus enabling you to comply with all your legal responsibilities concerning this agreement. You are aware of the extent of the services which are the object of this contract, of the aforementioned information concerning us, of the content of these Special Terms as well as General Terms and conditions. You understand that you must notify us as soon as is reasonably possible of any alteration to the details that you have provided.

The services to be supplied are in accordance with the details specified in the Transfer Voucher sent by email. It is your responsibility to provide at the time of reservation full and accurate addresses for the pickup and destination points. It is, therefore, your responsibility to print out and check the Transfer Voucher for accuracy. If the details of the Transfer Voucher are incorrect you must contact our Customer Service Centre immediately to rectify these. Particular care should be taken when completing the reservation to ensure that all compulsory fields as indicated by an “Undefined” have been filled inaccurately.

We are not liable for any reservations made which are impossible to carry out and you will not be reimbursed for such reservations.