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Natural Escapes in Tigaki

Kos possesses the rare and stunning combination of verdant greens and sea blues, of mountain and sea overflowing with rich flora and fauna.
Bursting with blossoms and countless shades of green in spring, at times recalling the luxurious vegetation of continental Europe until the fresh salty sea breeze reminds you that you are in fact on an island, and one of the most stunning of the Aegean at that.
Kos boasts a variety of protected natural areas, including its therapeutic springs, the wetlands at Alykes, Psalidi, and Mount Dikeos.

Alykes - Alikes Tigaki , wetlands area in kos

Alykes Tigaki Wetlands

The area called Alykes located between Tigaki and Marmari, where cooking salt was produced until 1989, is now a permanent lagoon with salty and brackish waters.

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