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Regional unit: Kos Island Group: Dodecanese Administrative region: South Aegean Area:287.2 Km2 (115,59 mi)  Max Length:45 Km Density:116/km2 Demographics Population: 33.388 Currency: Euro (€) Local time: Eastern European Time (EET) Daylight Saving Schedule: Summer (from last Sunday in March) GMT/UTC +3 hours, Winter (from last Sunday in October) GMT/UTC +2 hours Postal Code: 853 XX Telephone code: +30 22420 Useful Telephone Numbers - Emergency Line: 112 - Police: 100 - Ambulance Service: 166 - Fire department: 199 - Tourist Police +30 22420 22444
Climate of Kos

Climate of Kos

Sunny on most days of the year and with a mild climate that is a result of the temperate sea that surrounds it, the island of Kos opens its warm, welcoming embrace to visitors in spring, summer and fall.
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