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A sun-drenched, welcoming island steeped in history, well-known to millions of travelers around the globe, island of Kos is one of the world’s great holiday destinations thanks to the endless variety it offers in entertainment and holiday fun, for tranquil or exciting holidays, always replete with new experiences and memories.

Also known as “the island of Hippocrates”, the father of western medicine, Kos is caressed by the Aegean Sea to the north-west of the island of Rhodes, while one part of the island faces the western Turkish coastline. It’s rich and fascinating history, its archaeological sites that seem still to be alive, the unmatched beauty of its countless beaches, its sparkling blues and vibrant greens, the mild Mediterranean climate, its tourist infrastructure, gastronomical variety, entertainment options all day and into the small hours of the morning, have conquered the hearts of those who have visited this jewel of an island and made it a much-desired destination for many still.

Kos: a crossroads of cultures, a blend of the ancient Greek world and other passing civilizations which through the centuries were woven into the rich tapestry of its history. This depth of historical richness is strikingly obvious and manifests itself in many ways: in the innumerable monuments scattered around the island and the architectural details in temples, houses and public buildings alike; in the island’s everyday life, traditions and cuisine. This centuries-old on-going flow of influences from both East and West has added to the island’s already irresistible charm.

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