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Gaia In Style Hotel Tigaki Kos

Gaia In Style Hotel, Tigaki, Kos Gaia In Style is the newly renovated hotel of Gaia Group which caters exclusively […]

Gaia Village Hotel at Tigaki - Kos Greece

Gaia Village Hotel, Tigaki, Kos Set amidst well-established lush green gardens, with a host of activities, attractive pool areas and […]

Hamam Artemis Fitness & Spa

Traditional Hamam Artemis in Tigaki Traditional Hamam Artemis and spa in Tigaki offers an unforgettable experience, through carefully selected rejuvenating […]

Tigaki beach in kos ideal for families

Warm, shallow waters. Fine sand. Water sports and beach games. The beach at Tigaki, a resort favored by locals for decades, has frequently been awarded the European Union blue flag for its clean […]

Esperos Restaurant in Tigaki

Esperos restaurant is located along the beach at Tigaki resort and offers a variety of dining options for whatever you feel hungry […]

Alykes - Alikes Tigaki , wetlands area in kos

The area called Alykes located between Tigaki and Marmari, where cooking salt was produced until 1989, is now a permanent lagoon with salty and brackish waters.Its 930 hectares host flocks of birds […]

Tigaki by night

Not far from the city of Kos, Tigaki is an ideal holiday destination for both locals and foreigners alike, with an impressive range of choices in accommodation, dining and entertainment.

Karnayio beach

On the opposite end of the spectrum from Lambi, Zouroudi and the beach at Psalidi, Karnayio beach is a family-friendly destination that boasts shallow water that gradually deepens, a lovely sandy […]

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