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Wine festival in Mastichari

The Wine Festival in Mastichari during the first week of August. Locals are proud of the high-quality wine they produce […]

central square in Mastichari Kos

The island’s second largest harbor, Mastichari is a lively fishing village that every summer becomes a magnet for those in search of truly authentic tastes and traditions. Mastichari is the seaside settlement of Antimachia, and here in this village with the island’s largest population of fishermen, fresh fish is king, with dozens of seaside fish “tavernas” serving up the daily catch, nothing but fresh and delicious.

Kohilari beach Kos - Kite surfing paradise

A kite surfing heaven on the island’s sandy, wave-washed north shore, Kohilari beach is the spot for water sports enthusiasts, with school teaching kite boarding, the water sport that loves strong […]

Mastichari Beach in Kos Island - Greece

Surrendering itself to the clean breezes coming off the Aegean Sea, the organized beach at Mastichari, with its beach umbrellas and water sports choices, is the ideal spot for kite surfing and […]

Bravo beach bar - Mastichari - Kos

In the area of Mastichari , Bravo beach bar is a natural and favorite getaway place for both tourists and locals. A beautiful and organized beach that always keep clean and tidy offers to the guests […]

Gaia Palace Mastichari Kos

Gaia Palace Hotel, Mastichari, Kos A large holiday resort in a village style with its main building and several two-floor […]

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